mini-courses & joint Vietnam-US meeting

Following the conference, there will be a workshop at Quy Nhon University, beginning in the afternoon of Sunday June 2 and ending on Wednesday June 5.

For schedule, titles, and abstracts, click here.
All the lectures will be in Lecture Hall B, Quy Nhon University, 170 An Dương Vương, Quy Nhơn.

The workshop consists of 3 mini-courses given by

  • Joan Porti -- Hyperbolic knot theory
  • Adam Sikora -- Character varieties
  • Paul Wedrich -- Skein theory for quantum gl_n.

Each minicourse consists of 4-5 lectures and is supposed to be elementary, aiming at an audience who knows little about the subject of the mini-course.

Quy Nhon is a beautiful beach city (considered a hidden gem with far fewer tourists than in Da Nang) located 300 km south of Da Nang. Trains from Da Nang to Quy Nhon take a little more than 5 hours. There are no direct flights from Da Nang to Quy Nhon -- you have to fly to Sai Gon and then back to Quy Nhon.

There will be no workshop fee. If you want to attend the workshop please do let us know.
The workshop is organized jointly with the Quy Nhon University who provides partial support. Dr. Dinh Thanh Duc is the local organizer.

The week after, June 10-13, there will be the Vietnam–USA Joint Mathematical Meeting also held in Quy Nhon